Please Note: As per Facebook Update Custom HTML tabs are possible in pages with more than 2000 Likes only.

Posting your ClickKosh image on the Facebook Tab is very easy.

Step 1 - Go to Static Iframe HTML tabs by clicking Here -

Step 2 - Click on Add Static HTML to a Page

Step 3 - Select the Page you want to add your ClickKosh Image and click on Add Page Tab as shown below

Step 4 - Click on Setup Tab

Step 5 - Copy the Code from your ClickKosh Campaign (Normal Image, Brochures, Catalogs or Emagazines

Step 6 - Paste the Code in the Static App Dashboard as shown below

Step 7 - Rename the Facebook Page Tab as shown below

Step 8 - Click on Save and Publish and View on Facebook. 

Congratulations, now your Interactive Image is in your Facebook Fanpage Tab and you can share that link with anyone on Facebook.